The Gift Test

Að uppgötva náðargjafir þínar er ein mikilvægasta uppgötvun þín á ævinni. Uppgötvun þeirra er á meðal mikilvægustu skrefa sem þú getur tekið til að þekkja tilgang þinn og köllun í þessum heimi. Gjafakönnunin mun hjálpa þér til að taka það skref.

Taka könnunina

Hvað mun hún segja mér?

Hvað kostar hún?

Hvernig byrja ég á henni?

Hvernig get ég notað hana fyrir heilan hóp af fólki?

Hvað mun hún segja mér?

Persónulega gjafagreiningin mun…

...birta þá þætti umbreytingar lífs sem gjafir þínar tengjast helst. Hvort sem það væri á sviði þróandi gjafa (grænt) deilandi gjafa (rautt) eða endurnýjandi gjafa (blátt).

...provide you with explanations, Scripture references, possible tasks, dangers and tips for training your highest three gifts. It will also point you toward some latent gifts you may have. Gifts that, with some further exploration, experimentation and the blessing of God, may grow stronger in your life in the time ahead.

...present your full gift continuum across the 30 measured gifts. This will fully reveal the uniqueness of your gift mix.

...point you toward your ministry calling and the purpose of your life on the basis of your particular gift mix.

What does it cost?

Like all 3 Color World tests, the Gift Test costs a single 3 Color World token. Token pricing

How do I get started?

Taking the Gift Test involves you completing a survey about your ministry experiences and desires as well as asking a group of people to provide anonymous feedback on their observations of your unique abilities. That might be as few as two people or as many as you would like to be part of your discovery process. Each person will receive an email from this web site with instructions about how to complete the survey and information about the confidentiality of their answers. It will take them about 5 minutes.

How could I use it with a whole group of people?

Here are the step-by-step instructions for empowering a whole group of people to take the Gift Test, including taking stock of their collective gifts with the help of a group profile.

Discovering and becoming more focused within your gifts will change the course of your life and enrich the lives of those around you.

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