God's Energy — Volume 2

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Refocusing Our Image of God

The teaching on God’s energy, as portrayed in the New Testament, has far-reaching consequences for both our view of God and our relationship to God. Can we encounter God as a person, while at the same time being permeated by God’s transpersonal dimension?

In the second volume of his Energy Trilogy, Christian A. Schwarz explores how the biblical energy paradigm enhances both Christian theology and spirituality considerably, and enables surprising new ways of experiencing transcendence in the midst of our daily lives.


Introduction: Approaching the center of Christian faith
1. God as transpersonal energy?
— The difference between impersonal and transpersonal
2. Energy in the Hebrew Bible
— How the Old Testament expresses the idea of energy
3. Physics and metaphysics
— Two layers in approaching reality
4. How God’s energization permeates human behavior
— Physics, quantum physics, and theology
5. The natural supernatural
— A new look at miracles
6. Will and energy in brain research
— How neuroscience confirms and deepens the biblical paradigm
7. Energy, esotericism, and the occult
— Where are the boundaries?
8. Fundamentalism as “category imperialism
— A blind spot for both Christians and atheists
Postscript: Between exclusion and embrace

Christian A. Schwarz is one of the world’s most distinguished thinkers and communicators of the principles of church development. His books have been published in more than 40 languages.

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