The 3 Colors of Community PowerPoint presentation and images

Click here to download a fully animated PowerPoint presentation containing all of the key diagrams from The 3 Colors of Community. This tool is ideal for anyone wanting to present the teaching to a group of people. It contains references pointing you to the relevant book pages to assist you in your preparation.

In addition to the above, those who attended Christian Schwarz's seminars during his 2012 Leadership and Community Tour might be interested in downloading his PowerPoint presentations for use in your own teaching on these topics. Click here for details.

Below you will also find downloadable book images from The 3 Colors of Community. To find an image you would like to use, refer to the relevant page number from the book and look for the file below. For example, if you would like the image on page 5 of the book, you are looking for the file "3cocom-p5.png".