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If you would like to see a transformed Christianity that contributes to the transformation of the world, you don‘t have to wait. You can start with exactly what you have right now, and you can start right away.

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If you want to move beyond the 8-hour training, this book is for you. For each of the three pillars of the NOW! process (How to be an energy transformer, How to be a multiplier, The secret of ongoing growth), the book gives you the theological, psychological, and strategic backgrounds. And all of that is summarized in only 80 pages. Apart from providing more background information for people involved in the process, the book has been designed to be used for inviting people to join the process. It will appeal especially to those who need to know the backgrounds before they are willing to commit.


“One of the most exciting parts of my whole life is when I discover the sometimes surprising things God is doing or telling us in a given moment. In these moments, I know for sure: It's time to act!”

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Christian A. Schwarz is the founder and head of the Institute for Natural Church Development (NCD). His cutting-edge books on church development and personal transformation have helped hundreds of thousands of readers to see core biblical teachings in an altogether new light, and to develop vital skills that have revolutionized their approach to spirituality, character development, and leadership.

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