The 3 Colors of Leadership

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The 3 Colors of Leadership

Don't tackle today's challenges with yesterday's leadership tools.

Comes with 2 free tokens for taking any eTest on this web site.

The 3 Colors of Leadership presents an exciting new way of looking at leadership. Whether you are an established leader in a high-profile position or an emerging leader who is still unsure whether God wants you to take over more leadership responsibility, the training described in this book will empower you in such a way that you will be able to empower others.

Based on world- wide research among tens of thousands of leaders, The 3 Colors of Leadership portrays six fundamental leadership principles that anyone can . The online Empowerment Test (which every book owner can take for free) will help you develop your personalized training plan.

  1. The Empowerment Test: Discover and maximize your hidden leadership potential
  2. The Six Wing Traits: Focus on the principles that will stoke the fire in others
  3. Spiritual Change Talk: Turn your routine tasks into moments of empowerment

Chapter 1: Are you a leader?—don‘t assume the answer...

  • Empowering—or only powerful?
  • A radical change of perspective
  • The three dimensions of leadership
  • NCD Davids—the true movers and shakers

Chapter 2: The 6 wing traits—key to empowerment...

  • The Empowerment Test
  • The two wings of vision
  • The two wings of experimentation
  • The two wings of capacity
  • The two wings of strategy
  • The two wings of training
  • The two wings of progression

Chapter 3: Spiritual Change Talk— empowering conversations...

  • What spiritual change talk is all about
  • The art of empowering future leaders

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Christian A. Schwarz is founder and president of the Institute for Natural Church Develop-ment (NCD International) and one of the world‘s most distinguished thinkers and communicators of church development. His institute has worked with over 65,000 churches in 70 countries, and his books have been published in more than 40 languages.

Christian A. Schwarz